About Us:

My name is Luis Antonio Barragan-Salas and I am the owner of Lou Luis Jewelry. We are a new small company established in august of this year and is operated by myself. The company is located in San Jose, California with no retail location at this time but my mind is set to do everything I can to make that a reality in the near future.

Thank You!


I absolutely love buying jewelry but unfortunately most times I was left unsatisfied with the selection of men's jewelry in my local jewelry stores and extremely frustrated with online retailers for lack of customer service and responses to my questions regarding there jewelry.

After many attempts of trying to find a jeweler I liked. I'm a customer and these things don't work for me and at that point I decided to sell jewelry myself. I based my business around the problems I had which were.

  • Photos to show the jewelry most accurately.
  • Good jewelry descriptions.
  • Reasonable response to my inquiries
  • Too many items

The items available on our site are items that we had a designer put together and review details such as size, thickness, stone type and size. Many of our items have been through a rigorous process and often times many revisions have been made. Our items aren't bought by from a wholesaler or manufacturer and resold to you. Each item with my best hopes in mind are created for people who care about their jewelry. We do not make the jewelry in house. We go through industry vendors that I myself trust. I am the person contacting the casting company and sending the casts to the polisher and than to the stone setter and inspecting the work individually since I am a small company offering few pieces of jewelry so I can spend the time to do this. These things make a huge difference in the outcome of Lou Luis Jewelry.


Offer truly unique jewelry.


Craftsmanship - Customer Service - Fulfillment