Our precious metals and Precious stones are sourced from reliable vendors. Here at Lou Luis we are fully transparent on how our stones and metals are sourced. Utilizing skilled jewelers we offer and stand behind the quality of our jewelry,

Lou Luis Designer Brand

All of our items start from an idea and follow the process into concept, sketch, Stl file, wax model, casting, polishing, assembling, stone setting and Quality control.


We guarantee that our jewelry is made in the USA. Our process starts with our In-house designer. We review design once approved we send it over to Carrera Casting located in New York. Once we receive castings we than send it over to the Los Angeles Diamond District to be polished and assembled!

Why purchase our jewelry?

Our pieces arent in a display across the globe waiting for jewelers to purchase in bulk. We carefully review our concepts and choose which we will put into production. Our jewelry is not mass produced!

A closer look:

Our offerings are created in-house! We come up with the ideas and decide if it will have stones or not. The thickness, Solid or Hollow. Bail type and prong layout. This process is not unique to us. But this makes us a better option versus other jewelers go buy jewelry made in bulk to resale.